“Monks Robe” is inspired by the Monks bright orange robes. Monks can’t own much at all, and when being offered gifts, Tea is one of the offerings that’s considered a blessed and valued item. 


This tea contains organic, pesticide free, orange Mikan Peel all the way from Japan, which has good digestive properties, and is also used widely in Japan to ward off cold and wind. This tea also contains Bai Hao Wylong (Oolong leaves), with notes of elderflower, geranium and lychee (season 2018), along with fat busting antioxidant Pu Erh tea, from delicate 400 year old trees in Jing Mai, seasoned in Spring 2018. Pu Erh has many benefits including aiding digestion and the breakdown of foods, hence sometimes promoting in weight loss, improving heart health, and cleansing toxins and free-radicals. 

All blended together, they make the perfect apertif after a heavy meal, or even an afternoon pick-me-up! Very smooth on the palate I must say! 

The dry leaves mixed with mikan peel smell divine!

Monk's Robe 20g

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