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Qi Therapy doesn't believe that one technique can cure all, but instead a combination of different methods are more effective.

Below are a range of powerful modalities which are used to encourage effective and faster healing.

The overall aim is to leave you relaxed, de-stressed, with reduced discomfort and long-term rehabilitation results

Treatment times vary from 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Each session is bespoke and tailored to your specific needs. 


Muscle testing is simple yet effective technique which finds the root cause of your problem. Musculoskeletal realignment is achieved by gentle manipulations of the body, ensuring you are mobilized and your problem doesn't keep reoccurring. This is truly essential for effective rehabilitation.


Acupuncture is the base of all Qi Therapy's treatments as its an indispensable modality of healing, having multiple powerful benefits which are boundless. It stimulates the nervous system, releases endorphins, balances the body internally by harmonising the organs, relieves pain and discomfort in many areas. It provides smooth flow of Qi (chi/energy) by unblocking the meridians of the body, bringing equilibrium in every aspect. Usually used with a TDP infra-red heat lamp or HigherDose bio-mat for additional benefits.


Cupping Therapy provides relief to sore, tight muscles, removes stagnation and toxins, encourages blood and lymphatic flow, while speeding up the body's own natural healing process. A brilliant way to bring vitality and mobility back into your body. 


A traditional Chinese deep tissue massage (with or without oil) to treat and correct specific patterns of disharmony or blockages in the body. Tui Na is known to help many conditions, chronic or acute and is normally used in conjunction with acupuncture and cupping therapy.  


The internal organs hold onto emotions, so this blend of Chinese & Thai abdominal deep organ cleansing massage invigorates, detoxifies, tonifies and balances them again. Perfect for patients who suffer with bowel disorders, bloating and/or anyone who deals with hormonal or emotional imbalances. 


Sacred crystal energy is used to access and release deep buried toxic emotions which are the cause of some psychosomatic symptoms and dis-ease in the body and mind. It brings spiritual and emotional rebalancing by cleansing & harmonising the chakras, clearing energetic blockages, removing spiritual attachments, grounding and de-stressing you too. This modality of healing brings a deep spiritual connection to self. 


'Where the head goes, the body follows'.

Reshaping the skeleton through gentle yet powerful movement from the cranium alone. This method is used to treat a wide range of dysfunctions within the body including emotions, posture, dentition, and mobility. Qi Therapy has found that Cranial Balancing greatly benefits patients with autoimmune disorders which affect the nervous system, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia.


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique which works on the emotional, spiritual and mental aspect of the client, by using positive light energy from a higher source being passed through the practitioner to the client. It recharges and harmonises the chakras to aid in emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


Ancient sound healing has been used for centuries to adjust the frequency and vibration of the body, restoring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Tibetan sound bowls and tuning forks may be used during some of the sessions to enhance your healing. 


A customized massage (with oil, aromatherapy or ointment) to relieve tired, tight or sore muscles. 


This method or burning mugwort on or around affected areas, bring heat and circulation, promoting smoother flow of blood and Qi. It is highly effective for treatments of fertility, circulation and cold syndromes. 


Internal well-being is important, and vitamins play a vital role in energy levels, immunity, metabolism, mental clarity, recovery,  and the nervous system. 

The vitamin injections are suitable for most people, and they provide an extra health boost. However, they are especially beneficial for anyone suffering from a disease or illness, or had previous surgeries where vitamins cannot be absorbed by the digestive system efficiently.

All injections are intra-muscular, and all vitamins are prescribed by a registered Doctor. 

Qi Therapy is fully insured to carry out every method with Westminster Insurance Ltd, and is also a member of the Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR) and the British Acupuncture Federation (BAF), therefore providing you with the highest quality of care and ensuring all practice standards are always met.


close up of a group of chakra balancing
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